Business world is ever changing. The key to achieve the success is to be at right position, at right time with right Technology.

Sanmisha Technologies is a company specialized in providing customized solutions in the field of Information Technology. We are a strong team of Designers and Developers having an excellent Know-how backed with tremendous amount of practical experience in the Industry. We enforce a business philosophy and a corporate culture with the principal objective of ensuring customer success and thereby total satisfaction. The basic aim is to provide the proper solution to meet challenges of this PACE AGE.

Our philosophy is to provide expert, industry-specific services, that are low cost and fast, to our IT as well as non-IT business clients, for achieving business advantages, with substantial revenue saving, industrial superiority and competitive edge over their competitors, for long-term growth.


We measure our performance by Customer Satisfaction.
We provide solutions meeting the precise requirements of our esteemed clients. We always believe in SRC while developing any solutions-Suitable, Reliable & Cost Effective.

  • Suitable: Suits the environment of the client
  • Reliable: A solution on which any person in the organisation can rely
  • Cost Effective: Solution that gives value for money

At Sanmisha we always follow a well-defined path of development, which includes comprehensive documentation supported by extensive study of the project requirements. We strictly follow aligned methodology to provide a smart solution, which includes,

  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Understanding user's requirements
  • Potential study
  • Solution Designing and Development
  • Testing
  • Proper support and Maintenance